How it works

How it works ?

1. Find and hire a pahmbe

You can yourself research and find the best freelancer for your projects and microservices

  • Browse the profiles on our marketplace and find the best skill.
  • Refine your search by location, skill, past experience, city in which the service will take place, etc.
  • The messaging option allows you to swap the freelancer. This gives you the opportunity to refine your requirements

2. Examine the offers received

Once your advertisement is published, you will begin to receive proposals from potential freelancers. We recommend that you:

  • Review all these proposals
  • Select the offer that perfectly matches your project and award them the contract.
  • Once the freelancer chosen, you will have to make a payment on the platform. The service provider will only receive this money after the delivery of the project. This can be refunded if needed.

3. Follow the evolution of your project / microservice

When your project is complete and you are completely satisfied with the work done:
You just need to complete the project for the freelancer to receive their money.
You can also rate the freelancer for the work done. This rating helps to ensure trust within the Pahmbe community.


4. Take advantage of pahmb benefits!

pahmbe is the place to find freelancers

  • Diversity of offers
  • Transparency in management
  • Security of means of payment
  • Rapidity in the search for labor
  • Dashboard

1. Update your profile

The first step to better sell your skills is to update your profile. You must provide as much information as possible, including: your skills, your specialty, your experience, your services, the city in which you sell your services if applicable. In addition you must make a detailed description of your services. Also put a real profile picture and adding a portfolio. For This allows the future employer, project promoter to have a clear idea of ​​you


2. Value your talents and qualifications

pahmbe is the marketplace of choice to gain more visibility. It also allows you to diversify your sales channels.

  • You are an expert in a specific field: graphic design, finance, web development, etc. ?
  • You are a craftsman: mason, plumber, electrician, etc. ?
  • Submit your microservices and you will gain more visibility on Pahmbe.
  • Offer your microservices to collaborate with companies or individuals.

3. Bid on customer projects

You can make suggestionson customer projects/microservices and increase your chances of getting engaged.

  • Make reasonable offers on projects.
  • Describe the time and budget needed to complete the project / Microservice.
  • Your chances of being hired on a project / microservice is proportional to the offers you have made.

4. Get hired for a microservice

If your offer is accepted, you are hired.

  • Communicate with the client and further discuss the details of the project.
  • The messaging option allows you to exchange the freelancer. This gives you the opportunity to refine your requirements.
  • Create a transparent working environment.
  • Inform the client of the progress of the work
  • Get paid when the job is done.

5. Take advantage of the pahmb benefits!

  • More visibility
  • Diversity of projects and microservices
  • Transparency in management thanks to a dashboard
  • Security of means of payment
  • Rapidity in the search for labor