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Pahmbe introduction

Pahmbe was born from the clear observation that on the African market we unfortunately have these two antagonistic points. On the one hand, we have project promoters, companies or even individuals who say they cannot find the necessary human resources on the market. On the other hand, there are qualified people with a particular talent on the market who are unemployed or underemployed.

ABOUT PAHMBE COMPANY Pahmbe introduction is a platform for freelancers in Cameroon. First of its kind, it allows different people who have a talent toput it forward. Pahmbe wants to be this reference platform that creates the link between project promoters and those who have a talent or a qualification. You are an individual or a company, you can find on the best provider for the execution of your projects.

WHY CHOOSE Pahmbe Companies and individuals trust Pahmbe
It’s simpler connect

Interface between individuals / companies and freelancers

It’s faster

Find the right freelancer in a fewclicks

Secure payment

Via mobile Secure payments & orange money and credit card

Quick & easy search

User-friendly and easy to use

Letter from founder

We are convinced that pahmbe will boost the labor market and reduce the unemployment rate. You are an individual or a company, youcan find on pahmbê.com the best provider forthe execution of your services. Pahmbê the freelance platform to make you financially independent. On Pahmbê.com you can sell your services on Pahmbê.com you can sell your skills.

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